1972 Porsche 914 for Sale



It’s time to sell my 1972 Porsche 914 Spec Racer. This car was built into a race car about 5 years ago by Bob Jones in San Antonio. It is a premium build with loads of exceptionally great parts. It runs and drives superbly, but realistically, it will need the motor refreshed before it is run hard for any extended campaign. The considered diagnosis is that the bearings on the bottom end are worn and it runs hot.

email to michael ~at~ tastyplacement.com


Features & Upgrades

  • Fully caged 1972, build by Bob Jones
  • 1.8 liter
  • Dual 40 IDFs with Tangerine Racing cable carb linkage system
  • Freshly powdercoated Pedrini wheels
  • It was a fully repaired tub, very clean with hell hole repaired.
  • Lexan Windscreen
  • Brakes: rotors, pads and front bearings all replaced in summer 2017
  • $1500 Braille Micro-Lite MC20 battery
  • Very fresh paint, the pictures speak for themselves with just a mark here and there
  • Electrical safety cutoffs on outside and inside of car
  • Wired and plumbed for Coolshirt
  • Fuel cutoff switch on dash
  • Pushbutton start
  • Terminal block for power in front trunk
  • Fresh front air dam from AutoAtlanta
  • Fresh side rocker panel covers.
  • Rennsport shifter–a bit older but works fine
  • Cold start circuit in carbs was blocked shut using the tap with set screw method
  • Fresh K&N filters, CB Performance 7x4x3.5 filter housings
  • Driver’s seat: Kirky aluminum with 5-point harness
  • Passenger seat: Kirky aluminum with 5-point harness
  • Tangerine Racing shift linkage
  • Tangerine oil catch can
  • Tangerine clutch pulley adapter
  • Tangerine Full exhaust
  • Autometer shift light with tach–this reads a little “jumpy”
  • AEM AF gauge mounted under dash
  • Front dashboard vent to front trunk are all blocked except one for coolshirt plumbing and electrical
  • AN plumbed external oil cooler behind rear tire with Setrab 7×13 cooler and Setrab fan kit
  • Brand new Carter 3.5psi fuel pump
  • Mr. Gasket fuel regulator, Inline
  • Inline Fuel gauge, reads 3.25 with fuel regulator
  • Small triangle side windows are lexan with pop vents
  • Rennline pedal board
  • New Momo Suede steering wheel
  • Probably some other stuff I am forgetting


The pictures show progress as I have worked on the car.



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