Bride VIOS Replica Seats Review [Transcript]

Unboxing these are the Taiwan Brides. There is a pair in here with gradated fabric. We’re going to take them out. Ok so these are really lightly padded. The box was sort of double walled but the tape had kinda come undone little bit from the jostling.

The seller of these was on eBay in Illinois. These wound up shipping from Spring, Texas which is outside Houston and I’m in Austin. They came pretty quick I gotta say and judging by the box they are decently light. There’s no extra padding here – this is really thin bubble wrap. If you go in here this bubble wrap it really shreds up pretty quickly. I didn’t do this, it shredded in the box. But these are cheap, cheap, cheap.

Let me keep going here, I’m going to move the camera. OK so here they are, well one of them, out of the box. Overall for $300 and some change once shipped. What the heck I got these because anything sort of expensive doesn’t fit in my Miata. I’m a tall dude, I need something that I can barely squeeze into and that’ll go really low to the ground. These fit the bill.

I’m going to use some closeups here to show you details on these. I like these. I will put them in a streetcar that is trackable but they’re not mind blowing in the construction. You can see a little bit of pinching here. You know, it just wasn’t sewn beautifully. This fabric though – it feels pretty robust. I don’t think this is gonna pill. It’s kinda tough, you could probably wash it.  And check this out – you can take the foam out and actually wash this. Because this will get dirty, it’s the bottom pad.

This may just be from shipping, some of these wrinkles my work themselves out. Again the fabric feels pretty high quality here and this one has the removable foam piece here so not bad. Now this actually gets a little better. Even this part is removable. I mean I’m not gonna take the whole thing apart but I would guess this cover might come off entirely too. So you can actually clean this if you really lived in it for a while and dirtied up. I’ll spin it around to show the side here.

You can see some problems with the gloss, like it just wasn’t polished.  I’m not gonna polish it, I’m just gonna go with it. Put it in the car and drive with it. I wanted to point out this was the second seat. This one’s got more of this attempt at polishing. There’s some residue left here. It’s rubbing off. I’ll polish this a little myself which I think I’ll try. Screws are included. I don’t know that you’ll get the same ones that I got but you know they’re marked as Bride but let’s be realistic they’re not the Japanese ones.

OK well I just can’t give up. I remembered I had some of this Meguiars Ultimate Compound Color and Clarity Restore so let’s just give it a rip. I won’t finish it, I just want to know and teach whether this will work or not so let’s give it a try. This is a really fine compound and just biding slightly and I can begin to sorta see through it. Some of those blemishes are gone. If I would have done that more neatly it totally would have resolved it. Look at that. There’s the ticket. Just a little bit of compound and just a little bit of work to make it shine. currently has these seats in stock. Head to the Bride VIOS 3 page to order today.

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Bride Vios Racing Seats Replica Unboxing & Review from michael david on Vimeo.