Pretty Cool CBR600rr Fender Eliminator

Yes, I know, this isn’t for a car and isn’t for a whatever, but I had to put it up somewhere. I got this kit from user areyourshop-a on eBay for $39.99.

Sorta Like Rumble Concepts & Puig

It’s very similar to a much more expensive kit from Rumble Concepts, and a bit like the Puig kit. I don’t want hassles from cops, so I did not want a kit that put my license plate the legally shadowy area deep within the wheel well; I won’t get hassled if my plate is out in back, where cops can see it.

Quality was great, metal is thick enough. Powdercoat is nice and even. I like the look, and the design is harmonious with the rest of the bike. The light is another eBay item and not included with the kit.